Deb's 60's Pix

The future Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay. YIKES!

Many of you already know the story, but here are some pix of that first "fateful night"......

I'd become an instant Mark Lindsay fan when my best friend Mary Lou called me up one Saturday in 1965 and screamed that I HAD to turn on American Bandstand -- "You gotta see the cute lead singer!!!!" Within an hour I was down at Woolworth's buying Just Like Us, and Raider music played nonstop in my bedroom until I left for college in 1971.

I'd been to one Raider concert in 1966 in Omaha (truly wild), but on April 7, 1967, they came to my home town of Buffalo, NY. My friends and I (and my Aunt Kay as chaperone for us naive 14-year-olds) had seats in the third row. I was so excited I couldn't stand it.

During intermission, right before the Raiders went on, our family priest, Father Mack, came out from backstage. He came to my seat and led me -- thoroughly incredulous and totally stunned -- back to meet Mark.

Mark posed for pix, kissed me on the head, gave me a red rose, and sent me on my way -- and waited twenty-one years to propose to me! But that's a story for another time...

-- Deb Lindsay

PS - All the pix are by Father Mack...

Mark signing my concert program


Paul, Mark, and the WKBW DJ's:
Freddy Klestine, Joey Reynolds,
Danny Neavereth.
Joey and Danny had a pie fight
scheduled for intermission.



The view from Row 3

The Wild Bunch being held at bay after the show by one of Buffalo's finest:
Cathy, Deb with red rose, Sharon, Mary Lou,
and (hidden) my mortally embarrassed and temporarily deaf poor Aunt Kay


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