Postcards From a Wandering Minstrel

At the Earthbound/City of Marion (IN) Benefit Concert 10/17/10

Photo: Elaine Moore / Chronicle-Tribune

Hiking at Acadia NP, Maine - October 2010

Travel is in my blood. From the time I could first propel myself, I was always in search of the next horizon. These days, with my wife Deb and our feline family, I find myself constantly traveling the highways and byways (and sometimes the waterways), always in search of another adventure.

As we explore near and far, in between gigs and other projects, I'll be sending you postcards from interesting destinations along the way via my blog. They're shown in the links below with the most recent at the top. Let's stay in touch! ~ M

P.S. Here's our Press Release about our new adventures! 

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